Bienvenue à notre classe virtuelle!

Hello students and hello parents. Welcome to our class website! I want this site to function both as a homework and video lesson station, as well as a weekly newsletter. Should our classes return to a partial or full online experience, this will serve as the hub.

To use this site, you can click on every subject at the top of the page. There will be pictures, videos, sound clips and links to other webpages. You can see and re-watch as much as you need.

Additionally, you will be able to see whatever is fresh on the website by checking the billboard directly to the right. Assignments will always be listed first, as well as their due date.

You can always email me questions, or ask away in class.


Babillard / Message Board

Assignment for November 30th to December 4th:



Click here to fin the video and download the assignment.






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