Bienvenue à notre classe virtuelle!

Hello students and hello parents. Welcome to the website! I want this to be a resource where you can find most, if not everything, you need to complete this year's education in French, English and Math.

You can click on every subject at the top of the page and it will bring you to the lessons themselves. There will be pictures, videos, sound clips and links to other webpages. You can see and re-watch as much as you need.

Additionally, you will be able to see whatever is fresh on the website by checking the billboard directly to the right. Assignments will always be listed first, as well as their due date. If you work an hour a day, you should be able to complete everything by Friday. Don't panic if it is not completed. Work on it over the weekend.

For the moment, you can email me with questions or issues and I will try to answer as soon as I can. I might just post a video about it.


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Zoom Social this Thursday afternoon at 1pm! 

Assignments for May 25th to May 29th:


Math: Decimals part 6

1. Watch the "How to divide decimals video.".

2. You are dividing decimals. That's beyond what most people can do. I am not joking. Educate the World!

3. Practice using the posted Assignment, Decimals Part 6 (PDF). You HAVE to do the first numbered page. You CAN do the second one. What I suggest is doing a few numbers of the second page as well. 

FYI. Keep sending your assignments in. I look at every one of them and still evaluate. Depending on the week, I can evaluate a bunch, or only a little.


English: Fatty Legs is over... 

Normally we would have gone even more in depth with this subject, but the situation being what it is, we will close the chapter here.


What now? Something light and flaky perhaps. Banana cream pie? Poetry?

Poetry. Watch the video. Get inspired. Write something cool using the Poem Recipe! Assignment here.


French: Éléments de la bande dessinée

1. Watch the new video about creating a story with all elements of a Comic Strip.


2. Plan out YOUR PERSONAL STORY and follow the Schéma Narratif. Click here for a plan to fill out. In French, obviously. 

3. Send the plan in for feedback, before May 10th.

4. Start creating your own StoryBoard story (subject of your choice). It should have between 20-30 panels (boxes); the same length as the Comic Strip in the video.

You have until June 5th to complete the project. 

Info-Jeunes : With the arrival of Summer come... the locusts. AIIIIIEEEEEEEE! RUN for your lives and click this link!


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